Profile photos for LinkedIn and other social networks

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Your LinkedIn profile will look incomplete without a high-quality business photo. Along with your career and network of people, a good headshot will highlight your best qualities: Self-Respect, Empathy, Competence. Take a look at the photos of the best professionals in your environment and get in line with the Top League!
If you are looking for a new job, use professional social networks and want to show your best side to people, you need a HeadShot photo.
CEOs, HR managers, actors, speakers, lawyers, models, realtors and groups of companies need a good HeadShot photo.

A good HeadShot photo increases the chances of promotion, attracting more customers and, as a result, increasing revenue.
HeadShot photos can become the first marketing tool, making you memorable and attractive.

What is a professional HeadShot photo?
Professional HeadShot is a simple but very effective photo of You. It highlights a confident, friendly and competent facial expression.
HeadShot photography is not a stressful photoshoot. You will not hear the traditional “smile,” you will be coached how to be natural and have  the right look.
If you choose Pavel Oskin as a professional photographer, you don’t need to worry about anything:

* Large and comfortable studio with free parking in Troja, it is just 15 minutes away from the city center.
* Professional lighting and photo equipment.
* Friendly and informal approach to everyone.
* Guaranteed results.
* You will like the way you look!