Corporate photography

People trust companies with a high corporate culture. Your customers want to see photos of employees on the website. This is why professional staff photography is essential for any modern and growing organisation. We will do this better than others and show that your team can be trusted.

Why do I need a corporate photo shoot?
  • The company’s website. Photos of employees on the website help smooth communication with a client. Photo session is necessary when a website is in the process of creation or rebranding.
  • Intranet and CRM system. Employees spend most of their time in CRM systems. It is important when photos of employees are made in  unified corporate style.
  • New employees. Joining the team by a new employee begins with getting to know the team. His photo in the company’s corporate style is a necessity.
  • Presentations. The image of a person in presentations always attracts attention. A professional headshot will contribute to the success.
  • Books, magazines, and media. Companies that are recognised  in the media should have professional photos of their speakers and employees.
  • Company’s social networks. Social networks are the most important tool for any business. Headshot allows you to maintain the company’s pages in the same corporate style.

We recommend three basic backgrounds that allow you to get perfect photos of employees and managers of the company. These portraits are suitable for any corporate website.
White — Empathy and Openness
Grey — Neutrality and Trust
Black — Strength and Confidence

Field shooting – Convenience and time-saving
Business values time and we will save it for you. We can organise professional photo shoots in your office. Photographing one person will take about 10 minutes.  The time slots for a headshot will be arranged according the schedules of the employees.

The photo studio will allow to achieve maximum results and offer more photo options.  It is fully equipped and sets a creative atmosphere:

  • own photo studio near the centre of Prague
  • the best photo equipment for a photoshoot
  • free Parking
  • flexible schedule and working hours
  • makeup artist on request
  • work with VIP clients